“Sarah really knows her stuff. She has an impressive education & experience background.”

Enjoyed meeting and talking with Knittel. Very knowledgeable and caring. He made an unpleasant situation much more tolerable. Receptionist was also very helpful and kind. Thanks!

I am relatively new client. However, I have learned more from Sarah Wooden in less than a year than I did with/from another provider in 5 years.

“Everyone treated us great! They made this experience very enjoyable for me.”

“I would recommend Ability to anyone that needs it.  Thank you all so very much.”

“Keep up the good work.  I told everyone all about your kindness and how fast everything went.”

“I was very impressed with the friendliness of the staff especially Janet.  She was very pleasant and helpful.”

“Everyone was great – very kind and sincere – very in tune with patient needs and comfort.”

“I was very pleased with the staff, receptionist, cleanliness and I would certainly tell others about this place. I had braces before over the years, but not the care & kindness I found at Ability. Thank you so much!”


“Eric has been extremely knowledgeable, helpful and informative in all aspects of the process. I have already referred several people to Ability and will continue to in the future.”

“Eric: First and Foremost, thank you for taking us in and making the necessary repairs to the foot brace while on your lunch break. This was not expected but, most welcomed. The repairs and update to the brace is phenomenal. The new wider strap across the ankle has decreased the swelling and increased the circulation. The new strap across the front of foot, behind the toes allows for less movement and better circulation, also. I would recommend you to anyone before the last repairs, now I will sell your work to anyone that will listen. You know how to get it done and with superb customer service. Thank you.”

“Everything was executed in an outstanding manner and very professional. Thank You.”

“We really appreciate working with your company.”

“The hospital appreciates your response to patient needs.”

“Eric and the staff did an excellent job and are very professional. It is because of Eric that I chose the FS3000, I didn’t know they were out there. I have not been able to run or walk long distances, but this past week I won a step challenge at work with over 82,000 steps. I look forward to working with Eric again.”


November 3rd, 2014

Charlotte Loves Ability PO

“Charlease is an awesome Receptionist!! She provided excellent service. Dara is Great as well!!”

“Tyler is AMAZING!!! He was very helpful throughout my process of receiving my son’s DMO and AFOs. He was very thorough and made sure all of my questions were answered professionally. I felt confident when I left that my son would get great benefit from the equipment that was provided from Ability Prosthetics!!!”

“I have been a customer for several years.  The quality of the products and the customer service have always been top notch.”

“I love the new cork base to my orthotics.  The fit and comfort level has increased since my old pair.  Thank you for your time and efforts!  I will return in the future.”

“Very diligent in making the right decision for the right device.”

“We have been very pleased with the care my daughter has gotten from your services.”

“Tyler is a special person & goes that extra mile. Everything about Ability is a first class personable office. We are truly happy to be here!”

“We are extremely happy & encouraged for improvement. Did not know prosthesis office could be so very concerned & caring. We feel we are in good hands now! If his health will get better he will be on the road to walking.”

It is a pleasure to be a patient and caregiver with this group! We are in “good hands” , they go above and beyond what we have experienced previously! Excellent support!!

“Best experience in 20 years with getting my daughter fitted and receiving her AFOs in a timely manner.”

“Tyler Manee is the best! He is very professional, yet very personable. You can definitely tell he cares about the people he takes care of. Janet is also one of the best office staff I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with in a professional office setting. I would gladly recommend Ability to anyone with their prosthetic/ orthotic needs. Thank you so much for making me one very happy woman!!”

“I would say that Tom and Janet there at the Hanover location are beyond professional in all aspects. The work and service they provide is simply ranscendant. They seem more like friends rather than simply providers”

“Awesome service! Awesome Staff! Having wasted a whole year with another company, I never realized my options and that there was better products available. I never saw what a foot looked like or has a limb that could be described as fitting properly. Luckily for everyone else in this area that has to go through this process that company is gone.
You can use me as a reference if you ever need one. Thanks”

“I thought I was going to be totally lost when Kirk left because I liked him so much, but Tom came and he is really great! I feel I’m in good hands. I am very thankful. I also really like Laura. She is so nice and kind and very helpful.”

“Very helpful and informative staff, and a pleasure to have met and done business with all. I would recommend your service to everyone.”

“All services provided have been excellent, some things beyond that! Thank you all and keep up the good work.”

“These people are the best, they treat me with the best care and respect every time I come in.”

“Thank you for your help and expertise in introducing me to the WalkAide product. I amazed how my lifestyle has been enhanced by this small device. It is truly a miracle.”

“I had BKA and spent a year with another company and never had a prothesis that fit properly. I trusted them to help me through the process but in the end, I think they Just wanted the $$ and didn’t care about me. When the company went out of business, I was stuck with a leg that didn’t fit and had a broken valve. Tom and Janet were awesome. Tom showed me the options helped me get the new leg approved through insurance. I was amazed at how much I was never told and how little service I had received from the other company.”

“Ability Orthotics has been great. They are very professional and caring. Jacob does great work and always makes my grandson feel comfortable.”

“Of all the medical offices we work with for our children, the staff and facilities at Ability Asheville are our favorite. They are friendly, extremely competent and knowledgeable and make things easy and excellent for our daughter. Thank you!!”

“Jacob and Lynn are two of the sweetest and funniest people in this world. They made my day. Jacob made getting my prosthetic fun. Thanks so much.”

“I am pleased with Jacob’s caring attitude. I can tell he cares about people. My last visit was just to find out what I needed.”

“Lynn is a great receptionist – friendly – helpful – makes you feel welcome – a real jewel! Jacob is the best – very knowledgeable – wants the best for his patients and won’t quit till you and him are both satisfied. He cares! One word description – Craftsman!”

“Jacob & Lynn have been fantastic! They both have gone above and beyond to get a doctors referral signed for us. We appreciate the time they took in order for our daughter to receive the best results. Thank you so much!”

“I am a difficult fit. The patience of Jacob was wonderful. He is excellent.”

“These are very courteous and helpful people.  They care about the patient.”

“I really like my prosthetic leg.”

“The secretary was very kind and scheduled my appointments so they would be convenient for me.”

“Well satisfied with service.”

“There are over two million amputees in the USA, the majority of them are leg amputees. There are also about 480,000 yellow school buses; which would suggest that for every time an average person sees a yellow school bus during an average week, they should have also seen about four amputees out and about, walking around and having active lives. But we don’t see that, do we?”

“My experience with Jacob Townsend and the other folks at Ability was great because they are outcome oriented, rather than sales oriented; Jacob realizes that prosthetics should be a repeat business for their clients. The difference between a leg that sits in someone’s closet unused and one that gets worn daily is all about it being the “right” type of prosthetic for the level of activity that person wants to achieve. And it’s even more about getting the fit of the socket correct.”

“Jacob took the time and effort to ask all the questions and get to know just what I was looking for, and then spent the extra care during the test socket phase to do all the little tweaks and adjustments that resulted in the best fitting pair of sockets I have ever had. He also went the extra mile to arrange for a test for me of wearing a mid-level foot on one side and a microprocessor controlled foot on the other side simultaneously to achieve a very accurate comparison. The end result is a pair of legs that are very easy for me to walk with very naturally.”

“The making of prosthetics is as much a craft as a science, and Jacob and the fabricators he uses are true craftsmen. If more practitioners were like the folks at Ability, perhaps we would start to see more amputees out and about.” –Dave

“Lynn is amazing! This whole experience at the Asheville Office has been awesome. Could not ask for better folks.”



“Excellent!!! Staff were Wonderful! Damien has never smiled so much!! He loves his new hands!!!

“Everyone was very helpful and explained things thoroughly. They didn’t mind me asking questions-I appreciate and thank you.”

“Very professional and caring; made to feel like part of your family.”

“Exceptional customer service skills, kind, considerate and most helpful. Helped put my mother at ease; very good experience.”

“Just want to thank Chris for basically giving me my life back again and the ladies always make me feel welcome…”

“Taffy, Thank you so much for helping me get the “right” leg so quickly. You’re help, support and kindness are appreciated! Thank you, again.”

“I actually enjoy going here. Jourdan and Julie are the best.”

“Extremely helpful & caring & best orthotic experience I’ve had. The office was great also & helped with insurance. Overall, excellent!”

“We had a phenomenal experience! All of the staff was kind and helpful. Our orthotist went ABOVE AND BEYOND helping us get fitted for the orthotic and providing us with all of the information we needed to get started. I would absolutely recommend this location to anyone looking for an orthotic or prosthetic.”

“I’ve been a double below the knee amputee for over 25 years, The attention, fit and quality of workmanship is far above any other prosthetics I have found on the east coast. I would recommend them to anyone in need of quality work on any prosthetics or orthotics. And been to all of them. Satisfied customer.”

“Best brace experience I’ve ever had and I have been wearing a brace for 30+ years.”

“My dad walked around the mall today without his cane. He was smiling from ear to ear, thanks to you!”

“Excellent service & knowledgeable staff.”

” Thank you very much Julie! Everyone was so helpful and amazing! The extra time spent with me discussing my condition was so appreciated!”

“We just love Julie! Julie is awesome with us!”

“Julie is an excellent person to have on your staff. She pays attention to details and patient questions.”

“We had a great experience with your office from the first phone contact all the way through our follow-up appointment after beginning treatment. You made the potentially challenging situation of wearing a brace so much better. Thank you for your kind and caring approach.”

“I am so grateful to have been reffered to Ability. the entire staff from the front desk to the back office was very genuine and straight foward. it is very clear that they are passionate, and proud of their work and how much their devices make a difference in peoples treatment and recovery. they measured me for my device and came all the way out to the hospital i was admitted to in another city for an emergency and made sure i had my brace the next day and understood how it worked. it has helped keep me on my feet through this difficult time.I am truly in their debt.”

“John is ALWAYS helpful. He is my “go to” guy for any orthotic issue. THANKS JOHN!”

“The staff at Ability in Frederick, MD demonstrated the utmost professionalism, knowledge, and care. Tyler and Mary were a pleasure to interface with.”

“From start to current day, Mr. Jacobs was efficient and professional and was able to fit my knee brace and adjust it to relieve my pain.”

“All my questions were answered and everyone was polite and helpful. I am very satisfied, and that is not usually the case with me!”

“Mr. Jacobs was wonderful to work with. Everyone was very friendly and understanding to my needs.”

“Have been a recurring patient over 5+ years & I am VERY happy with my service. Everyone in the practice is friendly & helpful. I have referred some of my family & friends too.”

“John was great! I will highly recommend his services to all of Everett’s therapists as well as other families in need of orthotics.”

 “John was great! I will highly recommend his services to all of Everett’s therapists as well as other families in need of orthotics.”