Below Knee Prosthetics – Shrinkers


Purpose of using a shrinker:

  • To reduce the amount of fluid or edema in the limb
  • Provides graduated compression to help maintain shape of limb.
  • To help attain a more ideal size and shape so prosthetic fitting is easier.

How to put on your shrinker:

Compressogrip® Elastic White Shrinker

  1. Find the middle of the shrinker and place plastic ring there.
  2. Pull one end of the shrinker up over the knee to mid thigh, being sure not to move the ring that is in the middle.
  3. Push plastic ring to the end of the limb.
  4. Pull  the rest of the shrinker over the limb until it reaches the other end, at mid thigh.
  5. The shrinker will fit very snug.

Juzo® Dynamic Flesh tone Shrinker

  1. Use both hands to gather shrinker, like a sock, to the seam on the bottom and stretching it open.
  2. With both hands, place shrinker on the end of the limb and slowly guide the shrinker up the limb and over the knee to mid thigh.
  3. The shrinker will fit very snug.

Wearing Schedule:

  • Wear shrinker at all times, when not wearing liner or prosthesis.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Shrinker can be hand washed with mild detergent and air-dried.

Things to remember:

  • Remember to wear at night.