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Exton, Pa (Corporate)- Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc. is pleased to announce the company has begun using the Limb Loss Resource Guide across all 10 patient care facilities. The resource guide is a much needed, fresh, 21st century look at limb loss.  The guide is free to patients and families.

“Prosthetists and others in the O&P professional community have been asking us for years to develop practical information that they can give to their amputee patients,” explains Tonja Randolph, president of Western Media and publisher of The O&P EDGE.  In response, Amplitude Media Group (AMG) was formed, a new media company that focuses on providing news, information, and resources for individuals with limb loss, their families, and caregivers.  Randolph explains further, “We started asking people in the limb loss community if they would be interested in receiving additional resources from us, and they overwhelming said yes. We’re excited to be able to provide prosthetists and their patients with what we believe will become an essential guide to preparing for, adapting to, and living with limb loss.”

“In a continual effort to create a positive, informative, consistent and repeatable experience for new and existing amputees, explains Jeffrey Brandt, CEO & President of Ability, “We felt the guide was worthy of adoption across all offices as representation of topics amputees want to know more about.”



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