February 2010

In the aftermath of the most devastating earthquake to hit the Caribbean republic of Haiti in over 200 years, doctors are reporting nearly 70 people a day are becoming amputees. In an effort to assist these victims, Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics will be collecting limbs at their Frederick, Hagerstown, Gettysburg, Allentown and Exton, PA offices.

Ability Prosthetics has already collected more than two dozen prosthetic limbs. In the past year alone, Ability has donated nearly 50 prosthetic limbs to Physicians for Peace, an international, humanitarian, non-profit, medical education organization dedicated to building peace and international friendships in developing nations. Through Physicians for Peace, Ability will also be sending a medical practitioner to Haiti to aid in the disaster relief process.

Because of the generosity of the patients, limbs that have graced Patrick Street in Frederick, the Dual Highway in Hagerstown, Main Street in Philadelphia, or walked the battlefields of Gettysburg will now be worn by earthquake victims in Haiti.

“The numbers are unfathomable -perhaps tens of thousands of amputees,” says Jeffrey Brandt CEO of Ability who is coordinating the donations. “It was my six-year old son who gave me the idea when he asked how our family was going to help with Haiti. The unspeakable loss suffered in Haiti has shattered a nation, but hopefully receiving these limbs will give the survivors a glimmer of hope for the future.”

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