A New Approach to Prosthetics Evaluation and Ongoing Care

Introducing Outcomes-Based Protocols. Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics, Inc. has implemented a unique and precise process for measuring amputees’ functional level and satisfaction, to ensure their prosthesis fits both their bodies —and their lives— best.

The Need The Process The Solution

The Need

Every amputee has concerns about receiving the right prosthesis. That’s why we’re pleased to announce Ability’s new outcomes-based practice protocol.

In the past, prosthetic design was based upon subjective opinions of both the patient and the practitioner. This process was prone to errors, as well as to negative patient outcomes. Prosthetic technology was often over- or under-prescribed, leading to amputees receiving sub-optimal devices.

By taking a new approach to prosthetics evaluation, focused on outcomes-based measures, Ability can now objectively determine which prosthetic components are ideal for each amputee initially, as well as over time.

The Process

Ability has adopted an objective outcomes-based protocol for EVERY amputee prosthetic evaluation.

+  Amputee Mobility Predictor (AMP) —a series of tasks measures patient potential to ambulate with a prosthesis

+  StepWatch ankle bracelet—this “heart rate” monitor equivalent for prosthetics is worn by the patients and collects data to objectively determine function level

+  Prosthesis Evaluation Questionnaire—continually evaluates function and value of prosthesis

Ability is the first prosthetics practice to standardize the application of concurrent use of these measures across its many, multi-region patient care offices.

The Solution

Using an outcomes-based prosthetics practice model ensures:

+  Accurate, objective and consistent clinical prosthetic evaluations

+  An optimal prosthetic device matched for fit and function

+  Provider accountability and validity

+  Patient satisfaction with prosthesis

+  Improved efficiencies: costs, time, materials, resources

Use of outcomes-based protocols advances prosthetics practice from “art-form” to “state-of-the-art.”


StepWatch Ankle Bracelet, from Orthocare Innovations. Collect data to objectively determine function level.