About Ability

Founded in 2004 by Jeffrey M. Brandt, CEO, CPO, Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics has been committed to enhancing the health and well-being of thousands of patients by providing artificial limbs and braces that best fits their bodies and lives.

At Ability, our practitioners evaluate, design and fit patients with custom, as well as off the shelf, orthotic and prosthetic devices.  Our comprehensive care philosophy, coupled with our formally-trained practitioners, allows us to manage the entire spectrum of a patients’ care, thereby maximizing their prosthetic & orthotic experience.

Ability’s facilities are designed to maximize the patient’s experience.  We are located in comfortable, clean, Class A medical facilities with ground floor accessibility.  If a patient cannot travel to us, we can also provide care in skilled nursing and acute rehab facilities, hospitals and if necessary, patients’ homes.

At Ability, quality and style of device and fabrication time are paramount. This is precisely why we do not fabricate our prosthetic and orthotic devices “in-house”. Unlike traditional models of practice, we turn to over 50 manufacturers who are leaders and innovators with respect to various device types, styles and designs. With these extensive resources in place, we’re able to locate and provide patients with an array of solutions to ensure the most comfortable fit and function available so each has the freedom to move freely and actively.


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