Product Development


Kinetic Revolutions was founded in 2010 in Frederick and is a joint venture between Ability Prosthetic & Orthotic’s founder and CEO, Jeffrey Brandt and Senior Management Consultant & Army veteran, Mac Heebner.

Kinetic Revolutions (KR) is a veteran-owned, small business, product development company focused on leveraging emerging research and technology to advance clinical care and patient experience in the Orthotics & Prosthetics and related industries.

The scope of services ranges from consulting and contract support to in-house engineering and development.

KR’s strategic affiliation with Ability P&O and its 10,000 patients, keeps all work grounded in real-world applicability for the O&P industry while relationships with a network of higher-learning institutions keeps us on the forefront of new developments in research with possible cross-industry application.

KR is headquartered at the Frederick Innovative Technology Center in Frederick, MD and is actively seeking consulting and collaboration opportunities.