At Ability, we understand the emotional and physical challenges associated with limb loss and the many questions surrounding this life changing event. Our team is uniquely qualified and American Board Certified (ABC) to manage a wide variety of lower extremity and upper extremity amputation levels. While achieving optimal function and fit, we provide the finest prosthetic devices through innovative techniques and access to advanced technologies for all patients.

Our prosthetic treatment approach is completely comprehensive. Ability will work patiently and professionally with you, your family and other involved healthcare professionals to accomplish an aesthetically pleasing prosthesis and the best clinical outcome. Ability also works closely with the VA to assist all veterans.

Prosthetic Care

  • Pre-amputation counseling and evaluations
  • Immediate post-surgical care and fittings
  • Post-amputation counseling and evaluations
  • Comprehensive prosthetic fittings
  • Device instructions
  • Continued care and education


Step Watch Activity Level MonitorStepWatch

Ability’s amputee care includes the usage of the StepWatch™ activity monitor which affords patients an accurate and objective means for recording, documenting and assessing the patient’s activity level.  Both private insurance companies and Medicare are demanding more objective activity data to justify the patient has received the most appropriate device.

  • Measure outcomes
  • Document physical activity
  • Objectively assess function
  • Track patient progress
  • Determine patient compliance
  • Compare therapeutic interventions