Lower Limb

  • image005Microprocessor Controlled Feet & Knees
  • Carbon Fiber Dynamic Response Feet
  • Vacuum & Suction Socket Designs & Components
  • Innovative Above-Knee & Below-Knee Socket Designs
  • Custom Liner Technology
  • Laser Imaging Limb Shape Capture Technology
  • Cosmetic Covers

The Smart Pyramid™ adapter has ushered in a new era of prosthetic standardization and objective verification of several key indicators.  The adapter provides data from the prosthesis that aids in achieving optimal alignment, measurable outcomes and determining service intervals.

  • Body Weight
  • Vertical Weight Bearing Through Prosthesis
  • Sagittal and Coronal Plane Torques
  • Stance Time
  • Swing Time
  • Cadence
  • Center of Pressure Progression