“Eric has been extremely knowledgeable, helpful and informative in all aspects of the process. I have already referred several people to Ability and will continue to in the future.”

“Eric: First and Foremost, thank you for taking us in and making the necessary repairs to the foot brace while on your lunch break. This was not expected but, most welcomed. The repairs and update to the brace is phenomenal. The new wider strap across the ankle has decreased the swelling and increased the circulation. The new strap across the front of foot, behind the toes allows for less movement and better circulation, also. I would recommend you to anyone before the last repairs, now I will sell your work to anyone that will listen. You know how to get it done and with superb customer service. Thank you.”

“Everything was executed in an outstanding manner and very professional. Thank You.”

“We really appreciate working with your company.”

“The hospital appreciates your response to patient needs.”

“Eric and the staff did an excellent job and are very professional. It is because of Eric that I chose the FS3000, I didn’t know they were out there. I have not been able to run or walk long distances, but this past week I won a step challenge at work with over 82,000 steps. I look forward to working with Eric again.”


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