“Ability Orthotics has been great. They are very professional and caring. Jacob does great work and always makes my grandson feel comfortable.”

“Of all the medical offices we work with for our children, the staff and facilities at Ability Asheville are our favorite. They are friendly, extremely competent and knowledgeable and make things easy and excellent for our daughter. Thank you!!”

“Jacob and Lynn are two of the sweetest and funniest people in this world. They made my day. Jacob made getting my prosthetic fun. Thanks so much.”

“I am pleased with Jacob’s caring attitude. I can tell he cares about people. My last visit was just to find out what I needed.”

“Lynn is a great receptionist – friendly – helpful – makes you feel welcome – a real jewel! Jacob is the best – very knowledgeable – wants the best for his patients and won’t quit till you and him are both satisfied. He cares! One word description – Craftsman!”

“Jacob & Lynn have been fantastic! They both have gone above and beyond to get a doctors referral signed for us. We appreciate the time they took in order for our daughter to receive the best results. Thank you so much!”

“I am a difficult fit. The patience of Jacob was wonderful. He is excellent.”

“These are very courteous and helpful people.  They care about the patient.”

“I really like my prosthetic leg.”

“The secretary was very kind and scheduled my appointments so they would be convenient for me.”

“Well satisfied with service.”

“There are over two million amputees in the USA, the majority of them are leg amputees. There are also about 480,000 yellow school buses; which would suggest that for every time an average person sees a yellow school bus during an average week, they should have also seen about four amputees out and about, walking around and having active lives. But we don’t see that, do we?”

“My experience with Jacob Townsend and the other folks at Ability was great because they are outcome oriented, rather than sales oriented; Jacob realizes that prosthetics should be a repeat business for their clients. The difference between a leg that sits in someone’s closet unused and one that gets worn daily is all about it being the “right” type of prosthetic for the level of activity that person wants to achieve. And it’s even more about getting the fit of the socket correct.”

“Jacob took the time and effort to ask all the questions and get to know just what I was looking for, and then spent the extra care during the test socket phase to do all the little tweaks and adjustments that resulted in the best fitting pair of sockets I have ever had. He also went the extra mile to arrange for a test for me of wearing a mid-level foot on one side and a microprocessor controlled foot on the other side simultaneously to achieve a very accurate comparison. The end result is a pair of legs that are very easy for me to walk with very naturally.”

“The making of prosthetics is as much a craft as a science, and Jacob and the fabricators he uses are true craftsmen. If more practitioners were like the folks at Ability, perhaps we would start to see more amputees out and about.” –Dave

“Lynn is amazing! This whole experience at the Asheville Office has been awesome. Could not ask for better folks.”



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